November 01, 2011

Website Content Writing: Where to Find Clients

As we have discussed previously about Website Content Writing Guidelines and SEO Content Writing, I have mentioned that I am going to share with you how you should be paid and where to find legitimate clients.

How should a web content writer be paid?

The cost of your work will actually depend on where you will get that job. On, you will be paid from $2.00 to $5.00 per article. But if you can show your blog and you are confident that you deserve better than that, you can negotiate and find someone who’s willing to pay fairly.

Other places where you will find web content writing job will pay you $20.00 to $50.00, or more, per article.

October 08, 2011

SEO Content Writing Checklist

From my previous post about how you can earn money from home by writing website content, I have mentioned that you also need to understand writing content for SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization and to understand more about it, check out my previous articles where I have extensively explained what SEO is and its importance in website content writing.

Now, everyone within the blogosphere and Internet marketing industry knows that there is a huge difference between article writing for print and website writing. One main consideration that you need when writing for a website is:  you have to optimize it so that search engines like Google and Yahoo will be able to understand, classify or index a webpage correctly. So that when someone searches for a topic about what you have on your webpage, your site will be included among the list of search results.

October 07, 2011

Website Content Writing: Earn Extra Money from Home

My previous writing about home based jobs gave details about the ways that you can earn extra money from home. And I have written extensively about data entry jobs, if you prefer the easy way to earn cash online.

Now we are focusing on website content writing. If you think that you can write, this could be a great way for you to earn extra income from home.


There’s more money to be made for less effort

That’s because a website content writer will earn you from $20 to $100 or even more for a website content, which is a write up of about 400 to 700 words. If you want to get a picture of how long is 400 words, take this article that you are reading right now. When I finish this sentence, this is now a hundred forty three word article. And I have just written my introduction.

October 06, 2011

How to Earn Money Online That Won’t Cost You a Dime

I want to keep this short today. But let me just give you a brief introduction for your own good.

You are here because you are looking for a way to earn money online. And I’m pretty sure that you have seen a lot of websites advertising for easy ways to work from home and earn cash over the Internet. The truth is most of those websites are not for real. Usually, a scammer’s website will entice someone looking for ways to earn extra money online to register first with their email address and pay some fees to gain access to their promised online money making opportunities. In most cases, one seeking for a way to earn online will never see her money again and never obtain a single opportunity.

Earning cash online is real, but you have to be very careful when looking for one. Legitimate ones are free and require no fee to register.

October 05, 2011

Top Search Engine Optimization Strategies

From my previous post, we have learned the basic about search engine ranking or how a blog is found by search engines.  We know that aside from submitting your URL to search engines, keywords play  an important role to get your blog indexed properly and get it listed where it is supposed to be listed among the searches.

When you want to optimize your blog for search engines, there are two techniques you want to think of: On site and Off site strategies. On site techniques are anything you do on your blog to get it indexed and ranked.  While Off site technique means everything that you do outside your blog, which is basically – back linking strategies. If you want to know how important back links are, check out my previous post about search engine ranking.

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