July 13, 2011


What Is A Data Entry Job?

Data Entry Job involves entering information into the computer database.   Information you work with might be text based or numerical. It could be paper-based information that needs logging into spreadsheets or databases.  You will be doing projects like spreadsheets, making business literature, word processing etc.  You will do tasks like make fax cover sheets, company newsletters, etc. Most of the work is already designed and you simply will be reproducing the supplied content and sending it back to the companies. Accuracy in the job is very essential and a must. An error in typing information or while entering numbers can cause big problems for an organization. Thus, data entry operators have to make sure that the data which they are feeding into the system is valid and correct.

Skills Needed in a Data Entry Job

·         Computer literacy
·         An ability to work to deadlines
·         An ability to work fast (but without mistakes)
·         Good attention to detail

      Home Based Data Entry Jobs Payment Method

You will be paid for completed assignments which is determined before you start with the project. In some cases you will be paid based on a preset hourly wage. Most clients pay by mailed check, direct deposit, PayPal or AlertPay (for countries where PayPal is not available). If you are serious about going into this direction, I suggest you sign up now with PayPal (free) before you make that application.

Are Home Based Data Entry Jobs Scam?

The widespread use of the Internet has increased the number of people looking for online data entry work. The internet has been filled with websites advertising work from home data entry jobs, and they all sound very attractive to us.  The truth is that very few work-from-home data entry job opportunities advertised on the internet are real. These “amazing” outsouced data entry opportunities are often a form of fraud, offering false home-based job opportunities. Typically, scammers’ websites will require users looking for home-based job positions to register on the website and pay registration fees before gaining access to data entry jobs from home.  In most cases, the home-based job -seeker will never see his / her money again – and probably never obtain a single data entry job. Even worse, by paying online, the home-based job-seeker will have provided his / her credit card information to the website. In addition, the registration procedure requires the home-based job seeker to give out personal information that can be used for illegal purposes.

Legitimate work-from-home jobs  do exist, but one must use extreme caution, and attempt to research the websites offering online data entry opportunities. Legitimate home-based job opportunities are usually free data entry positions that require no payment of fees.

Listed below  are company websites looking for someone who can do typing jobs at home.

NOTE: If one of them ask for a fee, kindly leave a comment below for me to remove them from the list.

Cheers and goodluck on your search !

Legitimate Home Based Data Entry Jobs

AccuTran Global
Affiliated Computer Service
Amphion Medical
AxionData Servics
Cass Information Systems, Inc.
Capital Typing
CASET Associates Ltd.
Delta Document Services
Digital Transcription System
Dion Data Solutions
Echo Sten-Tel
George Warehouse
HEA Employment
High Tech Professionals
Information Technologies Inc.
Key For Cash
La Translation
Laboratory Expertise Center
MedTech Billing Services
Medical Voice Technology Services Inc.
Med Scribe, LLC
Net Transcripts
Oracle Transcription
Priotity Data
Personal Touch Coding Solutions
Production Transcripts
Palm Coast Data
Right Hand 24x7
Team Double Click
The Coding Network
TMT Medical Transcription
Talk 2 Type
The Virtual Business Group
Tigerfish Transcription
Type A Scan
TDS Carreer Center
True Scribe
Transcription House
Transcription Services Inc.
The Coding Center
Unlimited Transcription
Viable TEchnologies
Virtual Office Temps
Worldwide Dictation
West at Home
Yoh Carreers


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  4. Hello...I've been through with one of those listed company providing home based jobs...and I've found out that there will be a payment for a background check of an investigator...now my question is??? is it really normal t pay for it...thank you so much...I find your site very helpful for a mother like me, whose looking for a part time job at home...

    1. Do not take any home based job that requires you to pay for something. Legitimate jobs will not ask you to pay for anything.

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    Pls indicate if the sites you are suggesting are applicable if you are in RP--I checked out 2 of the work at home sites you mentioned (West at Home--I forgot the other one) and they are only for Americans or Canadians..

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  10. Data entry work , you have just select right and appropriate thing from mixed up and raw data which give you through company or Organization and told you the way how to put into excel sheet and how to mange it,you have to just accordingly....

  11. Data entry work or admin work is the best work for all job seekers,even this work can done through at home also .......

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  13. There are many fake companies are available in company that offers data entry jobs online , off line or home base jobs. So every one be ware from that...


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